Alcohol Calculator

This is our custom Alcohol Calculator, built by Kitsap Bartending Services. We have taken our first-hand knowledge from working nearly a decade in the Event & Wedding Bar Service industry and created an Alcohol Calculator to help guide you on how much to buy for your big event.

Sure, there are TONS of Alcohol Calculators online – many very generic and some are decent – but what sets our calculator apart from the rest is that we consider more factors and variables like Temperature, Type of Drinkers, Date, and Region. Another thing that sets this calculator apart is that most will just tell you how much beer or wine to get, but not what types of beer and wine are most appropriate for your event. Factoring in different variables, our calculated Shopping List will also suggest the best varieties for your event – i.e. on a warmer day, you will want to buy lighter-bodied beers and wines than you would on a cooler day.

Our sliding scale of percentages defaults to the “Industry Standard” but feel free to adjust each category of Beer, Wine, or Cocktails up or down as you see fit if you know (or think) your guests prefer a different ratio  – so, for example, if you know your guests prefer beer and cocktails over wine, adjust wine down and the other categories up.

We hope this calculator helps guide you in the right direction so you can spend your money wisely. 


Alcohol Calculator

Proudly Built by Kitsap Bartending Services