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Kitsap Brewery Tours
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As you probably know, the Kitsap Peninsula is home to some amazing breweries – so naturally we must try them all. Each month, we host the popular Kitsap Brewery Tour on the Hale’s Double-Decker English-Style Bus, travelling around to different breweries with 40 other Beer Enthusiasts in a fun and safe way – drinking local brews, winning prizes for brewery merch, collecting goodie bags from each stop, eating pizza, and taking home a custom t-shirt or pint glass with the stops of each tour listed.

These are always a lot of fun for all ages. Whether you’re a serious beer enthusiast or if you just like to have a great time – if you’re in a large group or an individual who’d like to try new beers with new friends – this is the perfect way to drink great beer in style.

Each tour we meet at Hale’s Barrelhouse, then travel to four rotating breweries around the peninsula, spending about 45 minutes – 1 hour at each stop – finishing back at Hale’s for dinner, beer, and to collect your custom souvenir – to make a total of 5 breweries. We try to create a great variety for each tour – combining breweries specializing in classic styles and breweries with unique styles, along with some of the long-time favorite breweries with the up-and-coming breweries looking to make their mark on the beer community.

We include every brewery on the Kitsap Peninsula in our monthly tours, and rotate each itinerary so each one is different.

1/21/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 1 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
Valholl Brewing, Rainy Daze Brewing, Cash Brewing, Silver City Taproom, Hale’s Barrelhouse
2/25/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 2 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
7 Seas Brewing, Wet Coast Brewing, Slaughter County Brewing, Wobbly Hopps Brewery, Hale’s Barrelhouse
3/25/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 3 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
Bainbridge Brewing, Slippery Pig Brewery, Sound Brewery, LoveCraft Brewing Co., Hale’s Barrelhouse
4/8/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 4 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
DownPour Brewing, Hood Canal Brewery, Rainy Daze Brewing, Der Blokken Brewery, Hale’s Barrelhouse
4/29/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 5 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
Valholl Brewing, Sound Brewery, Silver City Taproom, Dog Days Brewing, Hale’s Barrelhouse
5/27/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 6 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
Slaughter County Brewing, Bent Bine Brew Co., Cash Brewing, Der Blokken Brewery, Hale’s Barrelhouse
6/24/2017 *Kitsap Brewery Tour 7 (SOLD OUT): Click HERE
Bainbridge Brewing, Slippery Pig, Western Red Brewing, LoveCraft Brewing Co., Hale’s Barrelhouse

As you can see, tickets go fast, so get your tickets now, and join in on the fun – you’ll see why we have so many repeat bus riders. We hope to see you on a future tour soon!