As stated, we do provide disposable plastic “glass”ware (example HERE) for both wine and beer sizes, with all services at no extra fee. Our disposables are perfectly acceptable for finer events, however, many hosts prefer to use true glassware. Our commercial-grade glassware is tempered, high-quality, and very durable, so they are less-likely to break during use than others. Aside from looking better than the disposable “glass”ware, they are MUCH more eco-friendly and helps reduce waste. Rent as few as 12 glasses, and up to 300 per style – Wine, Beer, and Highball available. If glassware is an add-on with our bar services, we provide “wash, rinse, sanitize” tub station to help reduce dirty glassware, and if guests choose to switch drink choice throughout the event.

Beer, Highball, and Lowball Glassware – .80 cents per glass
Wine and Champagne Flutes – .90 cents per glass
Stemless Wine/Water Glassware – .80 cents per glass

NOTE: This item is available to rent as an add-on with our services (no deposit required) or as a stand-alone rental piece with a deposit. Inquire for availability.