Mimosa Bar

Whether you’d like us to drop-off and pick-up needed supplies for a self-serve mimosas station, or as an add-on to our bartending services, the Kitsap Bartending Services’ Mimosa Bar is a great addition to any cocktail hour. You provide the sparkling wine or Champagne, and we provide the rest.

We supply up to 3 of our fresh-squeezed juices, and provide an assortment of fresh-cut fruit to add as a garnish. All decanters, decorative fruit trays, crystallized “glass”ware, and signage are provided as well. Glass Champagne flutes are available as an add-on if preferred.

Select up to 3 of the following juices:
Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Peach, Carrot, Mango, and Pear.

Mimosa Bar Packages are available as an add-on, or as a stand-alone package that is delivered and picked-up for a self-serve mimosa station. Pricing depends on amount needed – inquire with guest-count for a quote.

*SIDENOTE: Yes, a carrot juice mimosa sounds weird, but it really works. Not as sweet as your other juice options, but still the natural carrot flavor blends well with the sparkling wine.

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