Spanish Coffee

The Spanish Coffee is one of our favorite drinks to make – with the growing blue flame, the aroma of toasted nutmeg and cinnamon, and of course, the bright sparks put off when the spices ignite in the glass. Once the cocktail hits your tastebuds, you’ll realize that it isn’t just a drink for “show” and the flavors are on par with the building process. This is a great drink to warm you up on a chilly evening, or a perfect after-dinner dessert cocktail.

This is definitely a cocktail for the more experienced bartender, and should be practiced outside and with a pitcher of water when preparing the drink for the first time.

1/2 oz. of Bacardi 151 Rum
1 oz. of Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur
1 oz. of Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 
Ground Cinnamon & Nutmeg (in salt and pepper shakers)
Whipped Cream


First, sugar the rim of a brandy snifter, and add the Bacardi 151 Rum. With one had, hold the base of the glass and tilt it to a 45 degree angle – with a lighter or a long match, ignite the rum with the other hand. After the rum has a flame, hold the stem with one hand, and continue to hold the base of the glass with the other, then slowly rotate the glass to caramelize the sugar on the rim – as the blue flame grows larger with each rotation. Once the sugar begins to melt, grab the cinnamon and nutmeg shakers with the hand that was holding the stem. Still holding the glass at a 45 degree angle, vigorously shake the spices over the flame 4 or 5 times (this is when the bright sparks will happen). Carefully set down the glass, with the rum still ignited, and pour the coffee over into the glass, halfway full, until the flame is fully extinguished. Then add the Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Triple Sec Orange Liqueur, and then top with whipped cream. Add a quick shake of cinnamon and nutmeg onto the whipped cream as garnish, and serve.

_mg_3279Once you have served the cocktail, or are ready to enjoy it yourself, stir the whipped cream until fully blended.

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Cocktail & Photo by: Bryan Whitaker