Wedding & Event Upgrades

Bar Service Upgrades & Add-Ons

Standard Bar Set-up

With our Basic Bar Service package, we provide everything you’ll need for a great event – however, some hosts prefer to add a few add-ons or upgrade the bar area. These upgrades add that “extra touch” that you may be looking for.

Our Basic Bar Set-up includes: folding tables with white or black tablecloths, a decorative table runner, disposable plastic “glass”ware, display ice buckets, our signature light-up “BAR” sign, 1 or 2 punch dispensers, large ice cooler(s), and a painted box to display miscellaneous bottles. Frame with Menu Selection is optional – but also included at no extra fee, if requested.

The Bustender

The crown jewel of all mobile bars. It includes all needed cooling systems, 3 beer taps, fold-down bar, pop-up roof with menu board. This will be a really fun centerpiece to your reception, and help create a unique and creative feel for your event. Great for outdoor events, or indoors in a larger venue.

More information and service packages HERE.

The Bartender’s Bar with Lights – $175/$200
(bar upgrade with services/stand-alone rental)

The Bartender’s Bar

This bar was designed and built by the staff of Kitsap Bartending Services, so it includes features that are ideal for Bartenders – while still looking great and fitting most styles, whether it be an outdoor garden party, or an elegant wedding. The bar top is the standard bar height, so guests and Bartenders will feel comfortable ordering and working with these dimensions. It also features an “ice well” to store clean ice for cocktails or as another ice bucket for bottles – built in to the hidden storage counter behind the bar, so you can fit all the needed supplies, bottles, and tools without cluttering the bar top.

One major problem that occurs with outdoor events is lighting – once the sun sets, and the party lights from the DJ start, lighting can be very scarce behind the bar and it can be a cause for major issue for guests walking to the bar and also for the Bartenders searching in the dark for the correct ingredients or tools. We have resolved that problem with beautiful copper scaffolding with built-in Edison-style bulbs that is hooked up to a dimmer to set the preferred lighting. The bar comes with all of the electrical cords and a long-lasting inverter if used where no electricity outlets are available.

This is a great addition to add that extra touch of class and is sure to wow your guests.

Rustic Bar – $125/$150
(bar upgrade with services/stand-alone rental)
This locally, hand-crafted mobile bar is perfect for both outdoor and indoor. It fits perfectly with rustic or eclectic themes. It measures closer to typical bar height – rather than the lower table in the basic package. Also, on the service side of the bar, there is a storage shelf for quick access to any bar supplies or extra alcohol stored out-of-sight. Sturdy and very durable – our Rustic Bar will definitely help create a focus on the bar area.

Delivery and Pick-up provided at no additional charge within Kitsap County – Contact us for delivery cost outside of Kitsap.

NOTE: This item is available to rent as an add-on with our services (no deposit required) or as a stand-alone rental piece with a deposit. Inquire for availability.

Glassware – .80 – .90 cents per glass

As stated, we do provide disposable plastic “glass”ware (example HERE) for both wine and beer sizes, with all services at no extra fee. Our disposables are perfectly acceptable for finer events, however, many hosts prefer to use true glassware. Our commercial-grade glassware is tempered, high-quality, and very durable, so they are less-likely to break during use than others. Aside from looking better than the disposable “glass”ware, they are MUCH more eco-friendly and helps reduce waste. Rent as few as 12 glasses, and up to 300 per style – Wine, Beer, and Highball available. If glassware is an add-on with our bar services, we provide “wash, rinse, sanitize” tub station to help reduce dirty glassware, and if guests choose to switch drink choice throughout the event.

Beer and Highball Glassware – .80 cents per glass
Wine and Champagne Flutes – .90 cents per glass

NOTE: This item is available to rent as an add-on with our services (no deposit required) or as a stand-alone rental piece with a deposit. Inquire for availability.

Mobile “Jockey Box” – $50/$80
(price with services/stand-alone rental)

A stainless steel mobile jockey box, with 3 taps. All required tubes, Co2 tanks, and stainless steel cooling plates needed to pour any size keg. Aside from looking better than the hand-pump keg tap, a jockey box will pour faster, help ensure the beer is cold with proper carbonation, and create less waste of beer via excess foam.

Delivery, Pick-up, and Set-up provided at no additional cost within Kitsap County – Contact us for delivery cost outside of Kitsap.

NOTE: This item is available to rent as an add-on with our services (no deposit required) or as a stand-alone rental piece with a deposit and post-event inspection. Inquire for availability. Large tubs to cool kegs are NOT included. Ask us about Keg Tips and the pros and cons.

Signature Syrups – $35 (750ml.)
Available with services or stand-alone product

Creating a “Signature Cocktail” for an event is a fun way to offer guests a creative and equally as tasty beverage – as well as help with budget costs. Although we will help suggest recipes and ingredients for any signature cocktails, we do offer a few syrups and tinctures that will help create an easy-yet-exciting signature cocktail menu.

All syrups are made with hand-squeezed juices and fresh ingredients to ensure the best flavor. Simply add your base spirit, one of our signature syrups, and your favorite mixer.


Basic Coffee Service

Coffee Service – $75 (up to 200 guests)

With services, we provide a dispenser for water and a dispenser for a non-alcoholic punch (punch included). Like mixers, any other non-alcoholic options are to be provided by the host – which we will happily serve. However, we do get requests for coffee by some guests – so we do offer that service as an add-on. Our coffee maker can brew, and hot-hold, up to 40 cups at a time. With our services, we provide disposable paper coffee cups, with sleeves, and basic cream, sugar, and sugar substitute.

NOTE: This is only available as an add-on service with any of our Bartending Packages – not available as a stand-alone rental. Contact us for availability.