We know, there’s a lot to plan when it comes to putting together an event – especially when it comes to figuring out the bar – so we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions you may have about Kitsap Bartending Services and also general bar planning questions you may have for us:

1. Are you, as Kitsap Bartending Services, insured? 
Yes. We are insured for up to $2,000,000 for General Liability insurance and $1,000,000 of Alcohol Liability insurance – both of which are included with each event we serve. Typically, one-time insurance policies can cost between $200-$600 per day, so this is a huge money-saver that is included with our services. With our services, you will not need additional alcohol liability insurance, but our general liability is for our company, and not general event insurance.

2. Does the price include alcohol and/or mixers?
No. According to Washington State Law alcohol must be provided by the host at private events with a Banquet Permit, and purchased from a retail establishment (examples include: Costco, BevMo, Total Wine & More, a local brewery/winery/distillery, or any similar public reseller). However, we are more than happy to help guide amounts, plan a menu, and help find discounts and sales during our unlimited consultation planning – and even arrange delivery if needed.

If you are interested in a Cash Bar where the alcohol and mixers are provided by the bar staff, please contact us if stand-alone services are preferred or see the Pricing & Packages page for The Bustender HERE where we can arrange a Cash Bar (NOTE: with the cost of licensing and minimum sales, for smaller events, this may actually be more expensive than a hosted bar).

3. Speaking of Licenses, do you provide the Banquet Permit with services?
Yes! Although it is doable by most, we know you already have a full-plate planning the event, and navigating the WSLCB website to make sure you cross every “t” and dot every “i” can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never applied for a Banquet Permit before – so we take care of it for you, and will print it out and have it on-hand during the event.

4. Are the Bartenders licensed with a MAST Permit?
Yes. Along with extensive additional training on how to bartend and bar knowledge, all of our Bartenders are licensed with the state-required MAST Permit (Class-12 Mixologist Permit) which is required by most venues, and a copy is available if the venue does not have it on file already.

5. Do I need to provide ice?
Mostly, no. Again, we know you have a lot to worry about, and ice shouldn’t be one of them, especially when you’ve hired a Bartender to handle the bar. We will provide a specified amount of ice that will be enough for the bar needs – factoring in guest count and length of services. However, if you are using kegs we recommend getting a few bags to cover the keg before we arrive.

6. Does Kitsap Bartending Services provide the needed equipment for kegs?
Yes or no. By default, we do NOT provide the hand pumps or the ice buckets – only because you will need to keep the kegs on ice before we arrive, so if we have the keg ice buckets then you can’t keep the kegs on ice while it sits there before we arrive. If using the Jockey Box or The Bustender, we provide the tapping supplies, but we still recommend getting ice buckets so you can keep the kegs chilled beforehand.

7. Do you charge mileage or a travel fee?
We do not charge a travel fee within Kitsap County. Any event outside of the county, we do charge a competitive rate of mileage and tolls only.

8. Do you provide non-alcoholic options for children, underage adults, or non-drinkers?
Yes. With all services, we provide two punch and water dispensers – which includes our signature Raspberry Ginger Limeade which is always a huge hit for children and adults alike, without tasting like an overly-sweet pre-packaged “just add water” mix. However, if you’d like any other non-alcoholic options, like juice, soda, bottled water, etc. we will gladly serve them, but those would need to be provided by you, the host – whether they are for cocktail mixers or additional non-alcoholic options for guests. The only exception is if you add the Soft Drink or Coffee Stations to your package.

9. How much alcohol do I need to get?
We have built a custom Alcohol Calculator that will help break down not only how much you need, but will also include a breakdown of the variety you’ll need – factoring different variables like weather, season, day of the week, if it will be a champagne toast or drink-in-hand toast, and more!

You can find this in our Client Portal, along with sections on cost-cutting tips, signature cocktail ideas, where to buy the alcohol, and other bar planning ideas, tips, and information that you’ll need and will also help save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

10. Do you offer a discount for Non-Profit Events and Fundraisers?
Mostly, yes. We will help coordinate the proper licensing and option for your event, and in most cases, offer a discount of services and/or add-ons for selected non-profits pending availability – for both our stand-alone bar services or services with The Bustender.

If our list did not answer your question(s), please do not hesitate to reach out – whether you’re in the vendor searching stage, and have a question about Kitsap Bartending Services, or if you are already a booked client and need clarification on anything.

Feel free to contact us via our Contact Page

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