Impress Your Groomsmen with these 11 Awesome Gift Ideas

If you’re racking your brain, or searching online for unique gift ideas for your Groomsmen or special guy in your life, only to come up with the same generic ideas, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gift to thank those who’ve been by your side – that they’ll actually use and enjoy – can be a little daunting, or feel uninspiring if the countless lists online haven’t helped you yet.

The key is finding something personal, that they’ll actually use and enjoy – and not just another trinket that will be stored in the back of a drawer or in a box in the garage. We’ve created a list of unique gifts, twists on classic ideas, and even experiences that fit a variety of preferences or styles – keeping different budgets in mind.

Here are 11 gift ideas for groomsmen that don’t suck – and aren’t flasks, like you’ll see everyone else suggest.

1. Custom-Blended & Aged Whiskey

Let’s start with one of our favorite ideas – custom-whiskey that not only will your groomsmen LOVE, but will be a personal touch that they will appreciate, and takes little effort from your end. Oak & Eden not only puts out some great Whiskey, but they also let you customize the flavor, label, and aging technique to your specifications. You start with a base style of whiskey (bourbon, wheated bourbon, rye, etc.) and you choose how you want it aged, its strength, any infusions, and what name you want on the bottle. So you can create a different combination for each groomsmen or you can create a specific one for everyone to enjoy – all  that will be unique to you. Not only will it be an original gift idea, but they will be able to remember your appreciation anytime they enjoy their bottle.


Price Per Bottle: $64-$79
free shipping with code: SHIP80

2. Beer-of-the-Month Club

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – and who doesn’t love beer? Especially award-winning beers from around the world or microbrews across the U.S., customized to your drinking preferences. Whether you love a variety of beer styles, or are a hop-head who sticks with IPAs – you will receive a variety of custom-selected bottles of beer each month – focusing on your preferences, some of which are exclusive to members that are sure to be a hit. If beer isn’t your thing, they also offer a wine, chocolate, or cigar club.
Beer of the Month Club

The best part, you can sign up for any length of time you’d like. Maybe 3-months leading up to  the big day, or a full year starting the day after the wedding!

Monthy Rate: starting at $35.95 + shipping
rotating discount codes and coupons on-site


3. Watch

We often see cufflinks suggested as gift ideas, and although a good set is always a great way to elevate an outfit, most dress shirts don’t call for cufflinks – with the exception of tuxedo shirts, and how often do you see your groomsmen wearing tuxedos? However, with the same mindset, a classic timepiece is a great way to dress-up any outfit without requiring a special shirt, or tuxedo. Whether they want to class up their outfit for date night, a job interview, or to the office, a watch will do just that – especially a timeless (pun intended) style watch.

With cell phones and smart watches, it is less common for people to have a more traditional watch – so they are less likely to have too many watches. So in today’s world, a watch will likely be their only one, or at least less likely to already have multiple options.

We like this Citizen Men’s Classic Eco-Drive Leather Strap Watch for its classic look, fair price, and excellent quality. No matter what your price, we suggest something that can be dressed up but also worn with more casual attire.

General Watch Price Range: $100-$250
**prices can vary up-or-down, but you can find a great option at many budget levels


4. Bobblehead

Want something funny, a little different, and not-so-stuffy as a traditional gift? Get them a customized bobblehead. Yes, they’re ridiculous, but they always get a laugh and are put to use on their desk, home office, or nightstand. You can customize everything from the hairstyle, clothes, and activities – highlighting their favorite hobby, career, or even a super hero outfit.

Simply add a photo of your friend, choose their outfit, and details, and get ready to watch  them bobble. You can find them on Amazon HERE.

Average Price: $75-$125
price varies depending on size and custom-details

5. At-Home Bartending Kit

Every at-home Bartender needs their own cocktail kit, no matter their skill level. There are a lot of really great tool kits with a variety of finishes, tools included, and even design. Whether you want to get a basic kit with a variety of standard tools, or splurge a little on a more complete or high-quality material kit, there’s something for every budget.

If you want a general, inexpensive bar kit, this 24-Piece Cocktail Kit with Stand (pictured above) is a great option. It has a variety of tools, including the tin shakers, pour spouts, a jigger, a hawthorne strainer, fine mesh strainer, citrus press, and more!


If you want to use what the high-end Bartenders use, without blowing your budget, this Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Kit has minimal tools, but has truly professional quality supplies that will last many, many years – that anyone would be proud to own. This one comes with the weighted Koriko tin shakers, fitted hawthorne strainer, a seamless 500ml stirring glass with measured cocktail spoon for stirred drinks like a martini, old-fashioned, and negroni, and tapered jigger with larger 1oz. and 2oz. ends with markings inside for 1/2oz. and 3/4oz. measurements.

Although this kit comes with only a few tools, these pieces are the ones that are most important to be high quality – and you can build on with less expensive items that are in the full cocktail kit above.

SPLURGE / SHOW-STOPPER$390 on Tepotzli website
This Hand-Painted Agave Copper set is definitely a splurge item, but it is a classic set that is highly sought after by collectors, professional Bartenders, at-home cocktail enthusiasts, and those who just appreciate hand-crafted and beautiful pieces.

These hand-painted and hand-pound copper sets are individually made and tested for quality individually. Elevate any at-home bar with these gorgeous bar tool kits. Offering a similar line-up of tools as the one above; the weighted shakers, jigger, hawthorne strainer, and even a cobbler shaker for those who prefer both options – however, this version has the show-stopping carvings with a variety of styles, including this agave set. Other sets include traditional Mexican artwork with birds, sugar skulls, flowers, or hand-carved designs or pounded copper.


6. Local Brewery-Hop

Sometimes you just don’t want to give another “thing” or there really isn’t an idea you’ve found that gets you excited. Try an “experience” instead of buying yet another trinket. Hire a shuttle, schedule a few Ubers, or rent a large van and have a designated driver and load up and hit the town checking out local breweries or cideries. If you’re in Kitsap County, or almost anywhere in the PNW, you’ll have no problem finding at least five local breweries to check out. Pick a variety; ones that you all know and love, and try out a few new spots or one that is typically a little too far away to check out on a normal day.

Who doesn’t love a fun afternoon out with your closest friends, throwing back some beers together, and having a lot of laughs along the way.

If you’re in Kitsap County, be sure to check out the ever-popular Silver City Taproom in Bremerton or Dog Days Brewing in the heart of downtown, and Deep Draft Brewing in Gorst for some live music and great BBQ. Then hop on up to Poulsbo for a local-favorite, Rainy Daze Brewing, and then up to Bainbridge Brewing at either of their locations. There are a lot more breweries on the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond – that are all great, so please be sure to find some that fit what you’re looking for, are hosting events, or have specials that day. If you want to add in a few cideries, Bushel & Barrel heading out to the Hood Canal Bridge and Finn River Cidery about a 20-minute drive once you cross the bridge are both great options! Then if you really want to buy them a gift – grab a hoodie or growler from their favorite spot.

Price Varies to as little as much as you’d like


7. Beat Block Speaker

Check out the completely off-the-grid, no batteries or electricity required, simple but stylish Beat Block Speaker. It is customizable where you can add initials, or a short message. Your groomsmen can easily take it camping, on the boat, relaxing at the beach, or while in the shower. Simply choose your music or podcast and let the Beat Block amplify the music on your phone with its natural acoustics.

It’s a low-cost gadget that will be put to good use.

Price: $29.95 + any optional customization


8. High-Quality Sunglasses

If you’re groomsmen are like me, you love a great pair of sunglasses, but you hate splurging on a pair for yourself. Well, a stylish and modern pair of sunglasses will be great to use during a beautiful summer afternoon wedding. Then they can be put to use the rest of the summer or on their next vacation. These Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal Sunglasses are definitely a great choice and check all the important boxes.

We like Ray-Ban glasses a lot because they have that classic, stylish look, but any high-quality pair will do. Whatever you do, find a pair that is durable, comes with a case, and most-importantly are 100% UV protective to help keep eyes healthy!

Price: $125-$175 average price (pictured glasses are $175)


9. Tie Clip

Just like we noted in #3, although cufflinks are nice, they just don’t always get used because most dress shirts don’t have French cuffs. However, if you still want to give a more traditional or thoughtful gift that they can wear on your big day, but still be able to use afterwards, consider a nice tie clip. Most will wear a tie again at some point in their life, and a good tie clip not only elevates the look, but also keeps the tie secure.

We like these wood tie clips from Amazon because they have a fun, unique PNW vibe, while still being inexpensive and good quality. They come in a variety of colors and “stains” on the wood but are secured to a more traditional metal clip. They would be great for a formal suit, or a more casual shirt and tie outfit.

If these wood tie clips just don’t fit your style, the idea of a tie clip is still worth considering – as they come in a variety of styles, material, and sizes. You can even have them engraved with initials, or have themed clips – like these Dog, Star Wars, or Superman clips if you’d like to match their hobbies. Or if you want to splurge, the sky is the limit on how you customize it with finer metals or gemstones.

Average Price: $15-$40 


10. Overnight Leather Duffel Bag

This Overnight Leather Duffel Bag is such a great idea for anyone. It is made of high-quality leather, durable stichwork, and has a large area for clothes, electronics, and other personal items – even with a separate compartment for shoes, so you don’t dirty up your clean clothes.

It’s stylish and modern, and great for travel, camping, the gym, or to keep on-hand whenever you’re stay the night elsewhere.

Leathfocus Duffel Bag on Amazon: $179


11. Gift Cards

Yes, many will say “a gift card is so boring and impersonal” and honestly, they’re not wrong. However, have you ever been disappointed to receive free money? I know I haven’t. Yes, you can give a gift card, but you can still make it personal with a handwritten note. Thank them for being a part of your wedding, include a funny story that you’ll always remember from the bachelor party, or just note that you remember hearing they loved this particular restaurant and you wanted to treat them to their favorite spot. Try finding a gift card that reflects something personal to them; if they’ve been talking about needing home repairs, buy a gift card to Lowe’s with a personal note, buy them a gift card to a local brewery you know they enjoy, or if you don’t know what to get, a generic Visa Gift Card with a note thanking them for all the time and effort they put into making your wedding special and require they use it on something fun!

Price: any amount you want!
Gift Cards on Amazon HERE


When it comes to giving gifts, it’s important to make it personal but more importantly, something they will enjoy and use again and again. You don’t have to blow your budget, and you don’t have to get them some dorky socks, the tired old idea of a flask, or something that will just get shoved in a box in the back of a closet.

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