Sip in Style with Compostable Drinkware Included with Services

As you may have seen in our Services & Pricing page, we include disposables with all of our bar services at no additional charge to our clients. Whether you stick with using our complimentary “glass”ware OR upgrade to our true glassware, we will have them on-hand for emergencies, for children, or to use towards the end of the event so we don’t have to pull drinks when it’s time to start packing up the glassware.

Because of that, we often get the question, “What do the disposables you provide look like?” and that’s a great question – because you’ve spent so much time making sure everything looks great with the decorations, the signs, linens, flowers, and more – the last thing you may want is to have guests using those college party red cups.

We put together this detailed list of our disposable glasses – with images – to help determine if you’d like to stick with the complimentary option, or if you’d like to upgrade to our glassware.

NOTE: All of our disposables are eco-friendly and compostable. On the rare occasions that they are unavailable to order when it’s time to re-stock, we strive to maintain the next best thing by ordering just enough to get us by with recyclable options that are thin-walled that reduces plastic by nearly 70%, until the compostable options become available again. Both versions look identical, minus the discreet markings on the bottom to let us know how to dispose of them properly.

If you’d like to use True Glassware, you can see the options we offer HERE

9oz. “Squat” Cups (Wine, Water, & Punch)

We chose these because they are clear, compostable, and high-quality. Sometimes we see people or companies opt for the hard plastic cups (sometimes with gold rims), but aside from the higher cost, those cups often break and snap or have a crack – which means you end up going through more plastic. Our cups, are durable and don’t crack because they are flexible and won’t snap with even  the smallest amount of pressure. Although the gold rimmed ones above work fine (we even used them the first 2-years we were in business), but we prefer our eco-friendly, compostable ones better that won’t leave you wet from a broken cup.

USES: As noted, we use the 9oz. Squat Cups for Wine, and stacked at our Water and Punch station (that we include at no additional cost). If you’ve opted for Champagne Toast Services, this is also what will be used. On rare occasions, clients will opt for a Martini-style or on-the-rocks Cocktail, and this would be what we use for those style of cocktails.

10oz. Cocktail Cups

With all the same features and perks as the 9oz. “Squat” Cups, our Cocktail Cups are slightly larger and more slender so you can fill them higher if needed, and appears more like a traditional high-ball glass.

16oz. Beer + Cider Cups

Again, all the same features as the 9oz. and 10oz. cups, our 16oz. Beer + Cider Cups are larger and slightly thicker to help maintain the ice cold temperature for the beer – especially during the summer months. They are the standard draft pour size, and can easily fit the beer from a 12oz. or larger 16oz. can or bottle if a guest opts to drink from a cup instead of the can.

These are the compostable cups that are most-likely to occasionally be unavailable, so we have back-ups that look identical on the rare chance they are out-of-stock.

Key Highlights to our Cups

  • Compostable: Made from biodegradable materials, these cups reduce your environmental footprint, while still looking much better than a red plastic cup.
  • Eco-friendly: Even on the rare chance the compostable options aren’t available, we strive to find the cups that will use the least amount of plastic possible, and opt for recyclable options.
  • Durable: No matter the material, they won’t melt, crack, break, or crumble even for those hearty toasts and cheers.
  • Versatile: The 9oz. Cups are ideal for a wide range of beverages, making them a versatile choice for your guests and different beverage options.
  • Stylish: The clear design allows your drinks to shine through, while their quality construction and flexibility ensures they won’t break or crumble easily.
  • Cocktail-perfect: The 10oz. Cups are the perfect size for your Signature Cocktails, and making the refreshments look just as good as they taste.
  • Beer-friendly: The 16oz. Cups are great for the exact pour of beer, and will help keep your suds ice-cold.

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