Mixing Memories: A Follow-Up Interview with the Newlyweds

Jillian + Justin

Cheers to Jillian and Justin. They were truly a breath of fresh air to work with, and are such an amazing couple that have stayed in-touch via Instagram. Not only were they an absolute joy to work with, but so were all of their guests.

They were married in May of 2023 at the always-beautiful Cedar Springs in Port Orchard, Washington on a beautiful Spring day. We recently decided to make a call-out on our Instagram stories to see if any of our couples would like to answer a few follow-up questions for a quick blog post. J+J were quick to respond with a resounding YES and even followed-up with replies to my email in no time.

Here are the questions we asked, and thought you might enjoy reading:

How did you find Kitsap Bartending Services and what made you decide we were a good fit for you? 
We first met the KBS crew at an open house for our venue, Cedar Springs. After talking with them for a little bit, we felt like their professional and fun vibe would work great for our wedding.

Can you describe the communication and coordination with our team leading up to the wedding day?

From booking to the day-of, the KBS crew communicated everything they would be bringing, including optional add-ons, and everything we would need to provide. Bryan also offered helpful guidance as we  tried to decide on our signature cocktails, helping us come up with a final answer we and our guests were happy with.

During the beginning stages, was there any aspect of the bar planning that was intimidating or felt overwhelming? In the end, was it as stressful as you thought it would be going into it?

In the beginning, trying to calculate the actual number of different beverages we would have to buy was very overwhelming. Even with the calculator tool provided by KBS, there was still that nagging feeling that we weren’t buying enough. In  the end, we ended up with plenty of extra that we were able to return and use ourselves, so looking back it feels silly to have been so worried about it.

In your opinion, what sets our bar services apart from other you considered for your wedding? 

To be honest, we never even reached out to anyone else. Once we met the KBS crew we knew they were the right people for the job.

How did you both feel the next morning?

We both only had mild headaches the next morning! What didn’t help is KBS surprising us with an unopened bottle of spirits and mixers in our getaway car (on a serious note, this was incredibly kind and unexpected, just goes to serve as a further example of their quality of services).

Aside from KBS, what was another vendor that deserves a shout out and you loved working with?

We were blessed with several amazing vendors who worked flawlessly with KBS:

What TWO pieces of advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?
(The first being a general piece of advice, and the second, a piece of advice when planning the bar)

In general, just know that it’s all going to be worth it in the end. All the stress and tough decisions will be worth it in when you get to stand there with your partner and say, “I Do.” When planning your bar, please take the time to thoroughly read the Client Portal guide from KBS. It was only published a month before our wedding, but it would have been incredibly useful earlier throughout the entire process.

If you had to go back in time, and do it all over again, would you hire Kitsap Bartending Services again?

Absolutely, 100%

Thank you so much Jillian and Justin, for not only providing us with such amazing feedback and willingness to answer our follow-up questions for this blog post, but most-importantly, for letting us be a part of your special day!

PHOTO CREDIT: Rachel Joy Photography
PHOTOGRAPHY NOTES: All photos courtesy of Jillian and Justin. 

If you are a past couple or client who’d like to participate in the next follow-up interview, please comment below or message us and we’ll send you a few questions.

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